Millionaire wife murdered in Thailand: Couple’s bodies found in garden.

The bodies of a British millionaire and his wife have been discovered in northern Thailand, days after the couple were first reported missing.

Alan Hogg, a retired businessman and his wife, Nod Suddaen, were reported missing from their home in the province of Phrae last week.

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Police have arrested three men in connection with the killings.

The men claimed that the businessman’s brother-in-law, paid 50,000 Thai baht (£1,175) for the attacks.

They also told police where to find the victims’ bodies, according to the Bangkok Post.

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Mr Hogg and Ms Suddaen were initially reported missing last Thursday when their friends tried and failed to contact them.

Robyn Hogg, the couple’s daughter, flew to Thailand from the UK after learning about her parents’ disappearance.

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A spokesman for the British embassy in Bangkok said they were in contact with Thai authorities and “providing support to the family of a British couple who have died in Thailand”.


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