Though we’ve been informed by nutritionists to be cautious of processed meals, many minimally processed foodstuffs endure little diminution of their wholesome properties.

The Red Tea Detox

Frozen fruit and veggies are such; so too, low-sodium canned or jarred tomatoes. Even “uncooked” rolled oats are oat groats which have been de-husked, steamed, after which rolled with a view to make their vitamins extra accessible to us. (We share lots in widespread with farmyard animals, however not consuming groats.)

Bulgur is one other good instance of a minimally processed grain with very shut the equal in vitamin to uncooked, unprocessed entire wheat, bulgur’s supply.

Bulgur (generally spelled bulghur) is a type of entire wheat that has been cracked, cleaned, parboiled (or steamed), dried after which floor into numerous sizes. Bulgur is bought by its measurement. It isn’t cracked wheat, that are entire uncooked wheat berries which have been milled into smaller items. Not like bulgur, cracked wheat has not been precooked and, therefore, can’t be substituted in recipes that decision for bulgur.

Bulgur could also be a wierd grocery merchandise to most of us, however chances are high we’ve eaten it a number of instances. Its most well-known rendition is as a primary ingredient — together with parsley, lemon, olive oil, mint and generally cucumber — within the salad referred to as tabbouleh. Ain’t no tabbouleh with out bulgur.

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Nonetheless, in its area of origin, the Levant — that big western Mediterranean and jap Asian territory that features Lebanon, Palestine, Israel, Syria and, to some, Turkey and Iraq —  bulgur is as widespread as rice is in Southeast Asia or as corn within the Americas.


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