Pricey Amy: My son and my oldest daughter, “Kelsie,” share an residence.

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I dwell in one other state.

I’m anxious about Kelsie. She has at all times been extraordinarily messy. I’ve discovered that points with hoarding/OCD could also be inherited, and I at all times assumed that Kelsie’s points had been handed down by means of her father.

Kelsie’s drawback has gotten worse through the years, with rotting meals within the fridge, damaged home equipment, and plumbing, and so on.

Kelsie isn’t a “collector,” a lot as she by no means throws something away.

If her cat was a baby, CPS would have taken the animal away from her.

My son now spends most of his time elsewhere.

He and my different daughter have requested me to tug the “mother card” and see if I can attain Kelsie to get assist.

As a result of she and I work collectively (in several places, remotely), we shall be sharing a resort at an upcoming assembly, so I’ll have the chance to talk together with her.

I’m not afraid of the dialog. I like her and hope she will be able to get assist, however I don’t know what assist is obtainable.

I’m keen to have somebody go in and assist her clear, however this may occur once more (because it has earlier than), if we don’t get to the foundation of the problem.

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